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Our Story

One of our earliest properties, purchased  in 2014- images  are from  2020 showing how well  this property has stood the test of time over its  7 year life cycle to date. 

Forming part of a  run   of 5 properties which Bond Housing Group now own on this road, this is one of our most popular locations  being   within walking distance of  the town centre and  the university.  

Solid and  reliable with  no fancy  showmanship these early  business like properties are typically occupied by  working professionals like  doctors and  teachers.   

These properties are  serviced  by our  cleaning team and gardeners so offer an  excellent  option  for busy working professionals  who want a turn key  experience.

For those  working or studying  from home, this location benefits from  dual supply  V500 mb business grade broadband  with  additional 4G back up  through a Unifi Mesh and  with separate  access points in each studio.

As is to be expected, the  most stringent safety standards are  also incorporated into the building without compromising its history and integrity.

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